platform for control and data acquisistion application development


Embedded Solutions has a long story with embedded hardware and software development. Our engineers have worked for Motorola and ABB companies where they have gained experience in control and measurement application development. Today we offer you custom services which can help with your project.  

MicroDAQ customization

We offer MicroDAQ customization services to give our customers ability to fit MicroDAQ device for complex and more demanding applications. We can customize device for you by adding custom analog inputs and outputs as well digital IO. If you need more PWMs, Encoder inputs, relays, isolated digital IO we can do it for you! If you think that custom MicroDAQ device will fit more accurately your needs don't hesitate to contact us.

Custom MicroDAQ E2000 device with 2 channel, 4Msps,
16bit, +/-10V simultaneously sampling isolated analog inputs and dedicated software for Scilab and LabVIEW for data acquisition and real-time processing.


Software development

We provide software development services especially real-time control and measurement application development fitted to customer needs. We integrate MicroDAQ device with customer applications where real-time processing is required. Our services include LabVIEW application development We develop custom XCos blocks to allows MicroDAQ users develop their own advanced applications. We develop LabVIEW applications connected with MicroDAQ devices. 


We offer training to provide complete customer support. Our courses are focused on a practical aspect of using MicroDAQ device in real-time control and measurement applications.