platform for control and data acquisistion application development

MicroDAQ platform combines multi-functional DAQ device
with software giving you the ability to develop advanced
real-time control and data acquisition applications


MicroDAQ software allows integration with popular scientific software and programming languages. Learn more how you can use Scilab, Matlab, LabView or C/C++, Python programming languages to create real-time control and measurement applications.

Multifunction MicroDAQ device can be customized depending on your needs. Dedicated to data acquisition E1000 series is a flexible and cost-effective solution. For more advanced application where real-time processing is required MicroDAQ E2000 features dedicated DSP core for executing your algorithm with real-time constraints.  

Software development services and MicroDAQ hardware customization gives our customers possibility to create the complete solution based on MicroDAQ platform. We develop Python, C/C++, Scilab and LabView application to allows our customers to achieve project goals. 

User use cases 

Sampling Valve Control
of a Diesel Engine

Part of a research project on Diesel engine done by the National Institute of Maritime, Port and Aviation Technology from Japan.

Identification and LQG control for
a pre-compensated multi-axis piezo driver

Part of a research project on pezo motor controll done by the Universita Politecnica delle Marche from Italy.