platform for control and data acquisistion application development


Here you can find the latest releases of our software.  

Firmware ---

Latest firmware package for MicroDAQ E1000/E1100/E2000 series.

Scilab ---

MicroDAQ toolbox for Scilab. This package is integrated with Scilab Atoms installer. In order to use toolbox download Scilab software (version 5.5.2 or newer) and run atomsInstall('microdaq') from Scilab console.

Due to problems in Scilab 5.5.2 ATOMS system the MicroDAQ toolbox installation has to be processed in the following way:
Scilab 5.5.2

Scilab 6.0.0/6.0.1

LabVIEW ---

MicroDAQ support package for LabVIEW 2009 or newer.


MicroDAQ support package for Matlab/Simulink R2013a or newer.