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Configures Xcos model for MicroDAQ

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This block configures Xcos model properties. In order to generate model for MicroDAQ DSP this block must be placed on Xcos diagram.

'Duration' block parameter determines model execution time in seconds, if -1 is provided model will run infinitely. The 'Duration' parameter is ignored (runs infinitely) if 'Standalone' model mode is selected. 'Build' parameter controls compiler options related to optimization - if 'Debug' is selected model is compiled without optimization and with debug symbols. If 'Release' is seleceted model is compiled with optimization (-O2). 'Mode' parameter configures model type. When 'Standalone' mode is selected generated DSP application will work as a standalone application on MicroDAQ device. If 'Ext' mode is selected resulting DSP application created from Xcos model exchange data with Scilab - this mode shall be used if one wants to analize live data from model running on MicroDAQ DSP core. 'Profiling' parameters allows to enable model execution time measurements - model execution profiling. 'Solver' parameters determines solver used for Continuous-Time Models. Three solvers are available: ODE1, ODE2, ODE4.

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