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Reads signal data from MicroDAQ DSP application

Block Screenshot


This block reads signal data from DSP application generated from Xcos model. Block can be used for code generation and in simulation mode. In simulation mode block copies its input to output. In case of code generation mode block reads data from DSP application running on MicroDAQ. Block works only in Ext mode where data exchange between MicroDAQ and Scilab is done. In order to read signal data from application running on MicroDAQ DSP 'SIGNAL' block has to be placed before block sink block e.g. scope block. User has to provide unique 'Signal ID' block parameter for every 'SIGNAL' block placed on Xcos diagram (max. 16). If Xcos generated DSP application is used with DSP managment macros or LabVIEW 'Signal ID' parameter value is used.

Block Input/Output ports

  • input(1) - signal data input

  • output(1) - signal data output

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