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Reads DIO channel

Calling Sequence

state = mdaqDIORead(dio)
state = mdaqDIORead(linkID, dio)


This function reads DIO channel input state.

Function will return an error if DIO channel is configured as input or has alternative function (ENC1, ENC2, PWM1, PWM2, PWM3, UART). DIO Bank containing selected DIO channel should be configured as an output with mdaq_dio_dir function. Selected DIO channel should be configured as a DIO function, if ENC1, ENC2, PWM1, PWM2, PWM3 or UART function is enabled on selected DIO channel, mdaqDIOFunc function should be used to disable it.


Output arguments


// disable Encoder 1 function
mdaqDIOFunc(1, %f);    
// read DIO1 state			
disp("DIO 1 state:");
// enable Encoder 1 function
mdaqDIOFunc(1, %t);

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