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Starts analog output scanning

Calling Sequence



This function is part of analog scan functionality and has to be called in the following sequence:

  1. Initialize scanning session - mdaqAOScanInit()

  2. Start scanning session - mdaqAOScan()

  3. Queue new data - mdaqAOScanData()

  4. Stop scanning session - mdaqAOScanStop()

This function starts analog output scanning. A function call has to be preceded with mdaqAOScanInit() which initiates analog output scanning session parameters. Function enables MicroDAQ hardware to output data on selected AO channels and returns immediately (doesn't block Scilab console). In order to stop scanning, function mdaqAOScanStop() has to be called.

Limitation: ADC1-DAC01 MicroDAQ configuration doesn't support running simultaneously AI and AO scanning sessions.

Input arguments


Generate 10Hz sine waveform on AO1 for 5 sec.

sineData = sin(linspace(0, 2*%pi, 100)) + 2;
// initialize scanning session
mdaqAOScanInit(1, sineData', [0,5], %F, 1000, 5);
// start sine waveform generation

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