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MicroDAQ blocks HOWTO

Explains usage of MicroDAQ blocks for code generation ans host simulation mode

MicroDAQ blocks

MicroDAQ toolbox for Scilab provides set of Xcos blocks which can be used for creating Xcos diagrams. After MicroDAQ toolbox for Scilab installation new block 'MicroDAQ' category appears in Xcos palete browser (View->Palette browser).

The 'MicroDAQ' category contains palettes which contains blocks provided by toolbox. MicroDAQ palette (MicroDAQ->MicroDAQ) contains MicroDAQ related blocks. These blocks give user access to MicroDAQ hardware peripherals, allows model configuration and reads model parameters and live DSP data from executed model on MicroDAQ DSP processor. Blocks are marked with blue and read label 'MicroDAQ' which indicates that block is from MicroDAQ palette. The 'SIGNAL' block which is not marked with label is a special block which allows reading live DSP data from running DSP executable.

MicroDAQ blocks functionality:

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